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eduXplorer Main Portal Launched

The eduXplorer Main Portal has been launched today at around 12:00PM today!.

The Apps are under testing and will be available as soon they are stable enough to be released. All state portals will take sometime to get completed. Presently, we've prioritised certain states based on analytics data as well as variety of other factors. It is our sincere endeavour to ensure all state portals get operational by Mid 2017.

Telangana State Portal Launched

The eduXplorer project has been launched with Phase - I

Phase - I has been initiated with the launch of Telangana State Portal. Under Telangana State Portal, Hyderabad district has been identified as one of the beta city and corresponding schools related to the Hyderabad have been geocoded, mapped and finally deployed!

Over the course of this month, we will be launching datasets of several other cities as well. We expect to launch atleast 25000 listings by this month. We will also be collaborating with several schools to initiate Faculty Openings and eAdmission portals.

Several other features are under construction and will be rolled out as soon as they're ready!.

SSL Encryption

The whole of the eduXplorer network i.e, www.eduXplorer.in and its corresponding state portals have been encrypted via an SSL certificate.

Protecting the information of our user's is one of the toppest priorites. Implementation of SSL certificate, is one of the ways to protect user's information. Apart from SSL certificate, several other security issues have been resovled.

If any new issues what so ever pop-up during anytime of the beta phase, we will recity them as soon as we get a note of it.

Android App Under Testing

We've developed an Android App using Phonegap/Apache Cordova with Parse.com API for our site.

While the app seems to be stable, it seems to crash under certain situations. We want it to be light-weight and at the same time stable. Phonegap makes it possible to launch app made for a single platform say Android to many platforms including iOS.

But, we will be concentrating with Android at the moment. iOS and Windows apps will be rolled out later this year. The app will be released as soon as all the bugs will be dealt with. While submission in Google Store may take time, an apk version of the file will be provided here once it achieves stablility.

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eduXplorer Main Portal Launched

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Telangana State Portal Launched

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SSL Encryption

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Android App Under Testing


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